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7 Best Car Sex Positions, According to Experts

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Stolen moments of intimacy can be increasingly hard to come by when you’re shuffling kids around, trying to get some work done, and maybe even practicing a little bit of self-care. While date night is definitely a complicated thing to execute in our non-stop lives, it doesn’t mean you can’t come up with some out-of-the-box ways to have some kid-free intimate time and have sex with your partner with the spaces and tools available to you. You can schedule an early morning or late night rendezvous in your home, of course (and we promise scheduling sex is way hotter than it sounds), but in a pinch, you can also consider that old reliable location from your teenage years: your car.

Having sex in the car is super hot — mostly because it kind of brings you back to those teenage days of making out in the backseat somewhere, terrified (or thrilled by) the idea of being caught and scrappily making it work for some intimacy with your crush. As a adults, we presumably have a bit more privacy than we did as teenagers, but car sex is still as tantalizing as ever — and, especially for those of us with kids at home, it gives you that extra bit of separation from the responsibilities so you can truly relax. Your car is also a contained space that tests you and your partner’s ability to get each other off efficiently and gives you a lot of access to one another.

But, let’s be real, getting it on in a vehicle can be tricky and not all that comfortable if you aren’t as spry as your 18-year-old self was. (Ever smacked your tailbone too hard on a seat belt? Ouch.) But the right car sex position, along with some satisfying sex toyscan totally rock your world and leave some devastatingly hot memories for next time you run errands. Ahead, check out our favorite, expert-approved car sex positions you don’t have to be a teenager to pull off, and give them a whirl next time you’ve got a moment to park and play. Just don’t blame us if an officer taps his flashlight on your fogged-up window.

At SheKnows, we recognize that not all penetrating partners are male and not all receiving partners are female. For the sake of this article, the experts we spoke to referred to penetrating partners as men and receiving partners as women.

Originally published February 2016.

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