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Melissa Eamer, CEO and founding father of Trendy Age

Picture Credit score: Courtesy of Trendy Age.

Though Eamer had been a profitable govt at Glossier and Amazon, it wasn’t till she witnessed her mom’s speedy decline that she discovered her true calling because the founding father of New York-based longevity clinic Trendy Age. When her mom handed away in her early 60s, by no means getting the possibility to satisfy her granddaughters, Eamer began to ask herself, “How much was genetics, how much was lifestyle? What could I, or anyone, have done to change her trajectory?”

As these questions round getting old healthfully started to weigh on her, Eamer formulated the idea for Trendy Age. “I wanted to do for others what I wasn’t able to do for my mom: to show that we can take control of the way we age. To give people the tools and information to make the right choices,” she says. She was notably impressed by the analysis round ‘subjective age,’ which means that individuals who really feel youthful than they’re find yourself with longer, more healthy lifespans. Trendy Age’s longevity-focused healthcare is predicated on these findings, enhancing sufferers’ high quality of life by stopping age-related decline.

“I believe everyone deserves a personalized plan and time with their doctors to reach their physical and mental peak,” says Eamer. To perform that, Trendy Age presents ladies an Growing older Wellness Evaluation that critiques over 50 biomarkers, cognitive check outcomes, a pores and skin evaluation, and a bone density scan. Based mostly on these outcomes, you’re supplied with a holistic view of the way you’re getting old and a tailor-made plan to handle challenges corresponding to mind fog and lack of libido. Subsequent up on Eamer’s agenda is increasing entry to Trendy Age’s companies by launching digital care in New Jersey, Connecticut and New York. “To us,” she says, “the future looks like more people having the option to decide how they want to age.”

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