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9 causes for painful intercourse

Questioning why you’re experiencing painful intercourse? Our professional Samantha Evans, co-founder of Jo Divine reveals among the causes for painful penetration and what to do about them

Sexual activity ought to by no means damage, however many ladies endure sexual ache, power pelvic ache unrelated to intercourse or ache throughout intercourse.

Ache throughout intercourse ought to by no means be ignored until it’s consensual BDSM. Many medical professionals dismiss ladies as neurotic in the event that they complain about this drawback, however intercourse ought to by no means damage.

It ought to be a pleasurable expertise for each the girl and her companion. In case you do expertise ache throughout or after sexual activity, it is best to at all times search medical recommendation as it’s your physique’s means of telling you one thing is unsuitable. Usually your physician can diagnose the issue and it may be simply resolved.

Many medical professionals dismiss ladies as neurotic in the event that they complain about painful intercourse

Many ladies keep away from sexual activity, which may result in marriage and relationship breakdown. Discussing the issue along with your companion is essential and might help you each perceive what is going on and make modifications to the best way wherein you’ve sexual activity.

There are numerous the explanation why sexual activity could also be painful: a few of which will be simply handled, others which can take extra time to resolve.

#1 Lack of lubrication

It is a main motive as to why intercourse will be painful. Lack of arousal can imply much less vaginal lubrication, however many ladies don’t produce sufficient vaginal lubrication, together with youthful ladies.

Vaginal dryness is at all times linked to menopausal ladies, however younger women will be affected too as a result of contraceptive capsule, month-to-month hormonal modifications, stress and nervousness and never being turned on by their companion.

Spending time having fun with foreplay can considerably enhance your sexual pleasure

Vaginal dryness is a standard situation throughout the menopause, however using lubrication can actually assist. Usually GPs will prescribe a hormonal cream or pessary and lots of gynaecologists advocate utilizing vaginal lubricants to assist nourish the fragile tissues of the vagina.

#2 Lack of arousal

Most ladies must be warmed up earlier than penetrative intercourse, however some males rush into intercourse earlier than their companion is prepared. Spending time enjoying foreplay can considerably enhance your sexual pleasure. There could also be occasions when penetrative intercourse is just not attainable, however you may nonetheless have great sex without intercourse.

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#3 Quick or deep penetration

Even when a lady is properly lubricated and absolutely aroused, she might expertise ache if a person inserts his penis too shortly or deeply. The vagina relaxes as a lady warms as much as having intercourse and opens extra comfortably if the penis enters slowly. Guiding your companion in at your personal tempo can actually assist keep away from any ache.

Some vaginal lubricants may cause allergic reactions

Deep insertion may also be painful, particularly in case your companion has a big penis. Usually, having intercourse doggy fashion will be painful, so strive backing onto the penis at your personal tempo.

The identical will be stated when happening prime. Don’t permit your companion to drag you down onto their penis, however slowly decrease your self, controlling the pace and depth of insertion that’s comfy.

#4 Allergic situations


Many ladies expertise that acquainted itching or burning sensation once they strive new merchandise, from altering their washing powder to utilizing a brand new shampoo/bathe gel.

Some vaginal lubricants may cause allergic reactionsso pay attention to what you might be placing on the fragile pores and skin of your genitals. Latex merchandise, comparable to condoms or intercourse toys, can produce an allergic response too – in addition to some spermicidal lotions.

#5 Vaginal Infections

Vaginal thrush, bacterial vaginosis or sexually transmitted illnesses comparable to chlamydia, gonorrhoea and genital herpes can all trigger genital ache, so search medical recommendation in the event you suppose you could have considered one of these situations.

They will all be simply handled with medicine. Your companion might must be handled too to forestall them passing it again to you.

#6 Vaginismus

It is a condition whereby the muscle groups in or across the vagina tighten, making intercourse painful or unimaginable. It may be attributable to a mix of bodily and psychological points.

Bodily causes can embrace urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted illnesses, vulvodynia, pores and skin situations comparable to psoriasis or eczema, menopause, and start trauma.

Psychological issues will be attributable to disgust in the direction of the act of intercourse associated to a powerful ethical or non secular upbringing or emotional or sexual trauma. With the suitable medical intervention and counselling, this drawback will be alleviated to allow penetrative intercourse.

attributable to a mix of bodily and psychological points

Remedy often entails pelvic flooring workouts, biofeedback and use of medical dilators or a vibrator/dildo to slowly encourage the vagina to calm down and open.

Ache felt contained in the vagina could also be attributable to pelvic inflammatory illness, endometriosis (when the liner of the uterus grows exterior the uterus or is thicker than regular), fibroids (growths of muscle and tissue contained in the uterus) rising near your vagina or cervix, irritable bowel syndrome and constipation.

#7 Dietary irritants

Meals containing excessive ranges of oxalates may cause urethral irritation in ladies who’re delicate to them.

When an excessive amount of oxalate is absorbed into the bloodstream by way of the intestine, it combines with calcium to kind sharp calcium-oxalate crystals which embed themselves into the fragile tissues anyplace within the physique, inflicting harm and ache.

Girls who’ve irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) take up an excessive amount of oxalate as a result of poor situation of their bowel.

Sticking to a low oxalate weight loss program for 3-6 months has been discovered to enhance signs. An inventory of excessive oxalate meals will be discovered on the Vulval Pain Society web site and consists of celery, espresso, rhubarb, spinach and strawberries.

#8 Vulvar Vestibulitis (VV)


This situation is characterised by burning ache felt on the vestibule or entrance of the vagina and is believed to have an effect on 12-15 per cent of ladies of childbearing age.

Analysis has discovered that girls who’ve this situation are 2-3 occasions extra prone to have multiple power ache situation, together with IBS, fibromyalgia (musculoskeletal ache) and interstitial cystitis (bladder ache).

Remedy for this situation consists of pelvic flooring workouts, biofeedback, low oxalate weight loss program, counselling and typically surgical procedure to take away the glands on the entrance of the vagina.

Many ladies expertise hostility from their companion if they’re unable to have intercourse which in flip will increase their ache ranges

Many ladies fully keep away from any sexual interplay with their companion, however analysis in 2010 found that {couples} loved better sexual satisfaction when the companion had a extra involved angle towards their companion’s situation.

By specializing in pleasurable sexual actions that don’t contain penetration, {couples} can nonetheless get pleasure from the advantages of being intimate collectively.

#9 Battle inside a relationship

conflict, painful advice, healthista

If a lady is experiencing emotional ache because of battle inside her relationship, ache might happen throughout intercourse. Many ladies expertise hostility from their companion if they’re unable to have intercourse which in flip will increase their ache ranges, thus making a vicious circle. Consulting a {couples}’ counsellor or intercourse therapist might assist.

In case you expertise ache throughout or after intercourse, search medical recommendation. You’ll be able to nonetheless get pleasure from pleasurable sexual exercise with out intercourse by incorporating using lubricant, comparable to YESand slim vibrators, comparable to PicoBong They Are and Slinky pinky.

At Jo Divinewe work with medical professionals who suggest the above merchandise to sufferers who expertise sexual ache. So don’t endure in silence, search assist and begin to get pleasure from intercourse once more.

Extra data and articles out there on the Jo Divine web site

Samantha Evans is co-founder and a options author of Jo Divinea web-based intercourse toy firm. Having an intensive information about intercourse toys, Samantha is a sexpert and enjoys creating informative articles about sexual well being and pleasure.

Sam is a former nurse and likewise writes common options for a number of main web sites together with So Feminine, The Independent online,Female First and Net Doctor. Samantha is at all times taking a look at methods wherein each genders can enhance their sexual pleasure in addition to benefiting their sexual well being and properly being.

No matter your age, intercourse, medical situation or incapacity, she believes that it’s at all times attainable to search out methods wherein to proceed having fun with intercourse, it simply requires being extra imaginative and adventurous. Observe Samantha on twitter @SamTalksSex

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