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Mattie James, a spouse, mother of three, and entrepreneur primarily based in Atlanta, at all times knew that she needed to have youngsters. She and her husband had talked about having a household for a very long time, however as soon as they have been prepared to begin that household, they realized the method would possibly look a little bit completely different than initially anticipated. “It became a lot more layered than I expected it to be,” she says. “My birth story is a lot more complicated than I thought it would be.” When she turned pregnant together with her first daughter, the physician shared that she had uterine fibroidsone in all which was the scale of a grapefruit. Due to this, her docs all however instructed her that she would most probably be delivering her baby by way of C-section.

“I had never had a baby before,” she says. “This was our first child and it was really important to me that I was safe and that the baby got here safely.” However sadly, when she went into labor, it was “really really intense.” James ended up having an emergency C-section, which resulted in her shedding plenty of blood. “Typically, with a C-section, people are in the hospital for 1-2 days,” she says. “I was in the hospital for almost a full week because I lost so much blood.” In that second, made the choice that if she have been to have extra youngsters, she didn’t wish to undergo something like that once more. For extra about James’ beginning story, watch the video above.

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