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Construct Lean Muscle With Two Dumbbells And These Six Workouts

What are you on the lookout for in your subsequent exercise? How about one thing that may “‘get you in shape, build lean muscle and also increase your anaerobic endurance”? That’s what Stage 4 energy and conditioning coach Will Duru guarantees with this full-body exercise.

All you want is a set of heavy dumbbells, a weights bench and a decided angle—belief me once I say these brief 30-second relaxation intervals mount up.

Exercise Overview

  1. Goblet squat 4 x 12
  2. Snatch 4 x 12 both sides
  3. Single-arm row 4 x 10 both sides
  4. Clear and press 4 x 10
  5. Reverse lunge 4 x 10 both sides
  6. Farmers stroll 4 x 15m

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