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Behavior Forming and Psychological Well being – My Mind’s Not Damaged

After writing about high-functioning anxiety earlier this weekI began enthusiastic about habits. Over the course of our lives, we develop habits of every kind. They are often good for us, they are often dangerous for us. They are often the factor we have to get by way of the day, or they are often one thing we do absentmindedly earlier than mattress. No matter the place they originated from, habits kind a significant facet of our day-to-day lives. And typically, with out that means to or realizing it, we are able to fall into habits with out realizing it. This isn’t all the time a nasty factor however relating to our psychological well being, it’s one thing we should always pay attention to.

In psychology, the method of making and sustaining habits is named behavior formation. From Psychology As we speak:

“Habit formation is the process by which behaviors become automatic. Habits can form without a person intending to acquire them, but they can also be deliberately cultivated—or eliminated—to better suit one’s personal goals.”

Psychology Today

Habits don’t occur in a single day. They’re fashioned when, day after day, we repeat actions that turn into simpler for our mind to work by way of over time. Merely put, our brains are attempting to make issues as straightforward for us as doable. Finally, we barely take into consideration these habits, even whereas we’re doing them.

However habits aren’t all the time optimistic. Detrimental habits are extraordinarily prevalent, and many people choose them up with out realizing it. Typically, these habits are additionally linked to our psychological well being. Folks can choose up coping mechanisms for psychological sickness that aren’t good for them, and people habits can develop stronger over time. It might get to some extent the place you don’t even bear in mind the place this behavior got here from, but it surely’s a part of your every day life.

Please don’t suppose I’m coming right here to speak down on habits and behavior formation. Habits are an excellent factor for folks to work on, and they are often transformative in the way in which we lead our lives. However we are able to fall into dangerous habits as a method of dealing with our psychological well being challenges, and I really feel that’s one thing folks ought to pay attention to. Psychological sickness can put us in a weak place, and the way in which folks cope with that isn’t all the time wholesome. Being conscious of a coping mechanism turning right into a behavior is important for our psychological well being.

In relation to behavior formation, consciousness could make a world of distinction. We are able to definitely kind habits with out realizing it however as soon as we do turn into conscious, we have to analyze these habits. We have to work out if they’re serving to us reside higher lives, or in the event that they’re detrimental to our psychological well being. Forming good habits is likely one of the most essential issues we are able to do for our psychological wellness and typically, which means rooting out the dangerous stuff to make method for the nice.

"First forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable. Habit will sustain you whether you're inspired or not." - Octavia Butler

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