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Inside The Vitamin Shoppe Brands: Tabitha Daley, Brian Tanzer, Dustin Elliott

Following Episode 133 with Lee WrightCEO of The Vitamin Shoppe, we head back to the company’s 2024 Brand Summit in Dallas, TX to take a look behind the scenes with some key leaders on the formulation and regulatory side of the company.

Inside the Vitamin Shoppe Brands

Episode 134: An Inside Look at The Vitamin Shoppe Brands with Tabitha, Brian, and Dustin

In Episode 134 of the PricePlow Podcast, we get an inside look at The Vitamin Shoppe Brands with Tabitha, Brian, and Dustin

Episode 134 of the PricePlow Podcast is a double feature — first, we talk to Senior Brand Manager, Tabitha Daley, and Director of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, Brian Tanzer. After that, we patch in a conversation with Dustin Elliott, who was also Senior Brand Manager at the time of recording.

In this episode, you’ll understand how The Vitamin Shoppe approaches formulation within their house brands, manages relationships with their third parties, and deals with regulatory concerns regarding dietary supplement ingredients. We learn a bit about PLNT, BodyTech Elite, and VThrive, three major parts of the Vitamin Shoppe’s strategy — these aren’t just traditional white label brands!

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Video: An Inside Look at The Vitamin Shoppe’s Brands

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Detailed Show Notes

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Where to Find Brian, Tabitha, and The Vitamin Shoppe

Thanks again to The Vitamin Shoppe for hosting the 2024 Brand Summit, and for everybody’s time we were allowed to take up!

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