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Natural Path Silver Wings Celebrates its 30-year Anniversary

Natural Path Silver Wings (NPSW, Nashville, TN) has been manufacturing colloidal silver immune support supplements and silver topical skin care products since 1994. This year the company is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

NPSW Co-founders Mark Smith, ND, PhD, MD (MA) and Liz Smith, RN researched silver minerals for years before creating its popular formula, the company said. Smith and fellow naturopathic doctors shared the 250 ppm silver immune support formula with peers. The product became an immediate success, the company stated.

According to the company, the Smiths’ health services soon grew into a global humanitarian cause, donating their colloidal silver to various charities and missionaries in underdeveloped countries.

Over the years, NPSW has grown from a single silver liquid supplement to a full line of strengths ranging from 50 ppm to 500 ppm as well as adding other ingredients, such as echinacea, oregano, olive leaf and other herbal blends.

NPSW has also launched its topical skin care line with silver aloe gel and a silver aloe spray with tea tree oil. It also released its top-selling Herbal Ointment, which contains 11 skin nourishing ingredients.

“As a family affair, we intend to continue enriching lives with enhanced immune support and topical skin nourishment for another 30 years,” Liz Smith said.

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