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Regan Grimes Kicks Off 2023 Mr. Olympia Prep With Grueling Again and Biceps Exercise

Contemporary off a first-place end on the 2023 Europa Professional Championship, Regan Grimes has shortly shifted his focus again in a well-known course. By narrowly edging out Nathan de Asha for the Males’s Open title on Sept. 17, Grimes punched his ticket to the 2023 Mr. Olympia contest.

After all, the Canadian-born IFBB professional is not any stranger to competing on the most important stage within the sport. However after putting Fifteenth within the Men’s Open division in every of his first two journeys and skipping the 2022 Olympia to pack on extra muscle, Grimes has lots to show.

With the 2023 Olympia scheduled for Nov. 2-5he formally kicked off his prep by posting a coaching vlog on his YouTube channel on Sept. 26, 2023. Grimes’ grueling back and biceps workout begins across the 1:25 mark.

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A busy journey and coaching schedule received’t cease Grimes from doing all the things doable to get in prime form for his third Mr. Olympia look. Clearly profitable in his muscle-building efforts over the past yr, he started his exercise by specializing in his lats.

Cable Rope Pullover

Grimes began the session with three units of a back day staple: the cable rope pullover. He particularly famous that his objective was to “get some blood in the back” in preparation for the following workout routines. Grimes additionally highlighted the usage of quick relaxation intervals of about 90 seconds, which offers ample time for one coaching companion to finish a set whereas the opposite recovers.

Throughout the preliminary part of the exercise, he additionally addressed his ongoing rivalry with de Asha, who completed forward of Grimes on the 2023 Flex Weekend Professional Males’s Open Present on Sept. 10, 2023.

“He beat me fair and square in Italy. I came back and beat him in Spain, and that’s all there is too it,” Grimes mentioned. “I’ve competed against Nathan three times. I beat him twice, he beat me once. I’ll see you again in six-and-a-half weeks.”

Assisted Pull-Up

Subsequent, Grimes and his coaching companion made their approach over to the assisted pull-up machine. Using wrist straps for assist, he grabbed the pull-up bar at its widest level to supply most stimulation for his lats.

He labored to the purpose of failure, ending with partial reps on his closing set.

Chest-Supported Row

Grimes made his over to the free weights for a number of units of a chest-supported row (t-bar row). He started with two 45-pound (20-kilogram) plates, conserving his head in a impartial place as he squeezed his lats, rear delts, and traps on the prime of the motion. Grimes added one other 45-pound plate for his final set.

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Single-Arm Lat Pulldown

The 2023 Mr. Olympia contestant took his exercise in a barely completely different course by coaching his arms independently on a iso-lateral lat pulldown machine. Grimes didn’t present a lot footage of this train, however he did present some humility by admitting he was too heavy at his final present and that shaving “another five to six pounds off” would assist squash any controversy about the place he stands.

“I feel like I got enough size,” Grimes defined. “The body is way more impressive when it’s in a crazy condition. You look bigger, actually, with less weight.”

Single-Arm Tremendous Low Row

The penultimate again train of Grimes’ exercise was one other isolation motion: the tremendous low row. Working with a pair of 45-pound plates per facet, he took a staggered stance, conserving his chest in opposition to the pad as he pulled his elbow again and contracted his decrease lat muscle groups. Not solely did Grimes ship clear reps, however he additionally he delivered helpful perception into his nutrition protocol.

For intra-workout gas, the Canadian native drank a mixture of 20 grams of amino acids with 15 grams of carbohydrates from Yamamoto Diet GlycoBol. Grimes, who entered the exercise having eaten two no-carb meals and one meal with carbs, mentioned his post-workout protein shake additionally contains 10 grams of glutamine (which helps restoration) and 10 grams of creatinewhich has been proven to assist promote muscle progress and quantity.

Again Extension

Grimes completed with weighted again extensions to focus on his erector spinae muscle groups. Holding a 45-pound plate, he prolonged his physique ahead so far as doable earlier than arching backwards on the prime of every rep. Grimes additionally carried out a variation that included an abdominal crunch on the backside of the motion for the final word take a look at of core power and endurance.

Shut-Grip Biceps Pulldown

A four-part biceps exercise started with close-grip biceps pulldowns. Whereas many lifters usually attempt to maintain their arms out of this motion to concentrate on most lat engagement, Grimes inspired the precise reverse.

He saved the vary of movement a lot smaller, flattening to only above a 90-degree angle to maintain full stress on the biceps from the insertion level to the elbow.

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Preacher Curl Machine

Grimes moved on to the preacher curl machine for a number of units of this basic bodybuilding train. After placing each of his biceps by way of some ache, he carried out remoted reps with every arm as a finisher.

Seated Dumbbell Biceps Curl

With the session practically full, Grimes hammered his biceps once more with one other curl variation. Working with 30-pound dumbbells, he held his arm at a 45-degree angle away from his physique and methodically curled and contracted his biceps to attain an enormous pump.

Cable Curl

Lastly, Grimes ended his exercise the place it began. This time, he swapped out the rope for a deal with to carry out single-arm cable curls. Using a pronated (palms-down) grip allowed Grimes to get an ideal stimulus for each his biceps and his brachialis.

Full Again and Biceps Exercise for Muscle Development

Whereas Grimes didn’t present a selected variety of units or reps, there’s little question his exercise will get the job executed. Right here’s a full rundown of the workout routines carried out:

  • Cable Rope Pullover
  • Assisted Pull-Up Machine
  • ChestSupported T-Bar Row
  • Single-Arm Lat Pulldown
  • Single-Arm Tremendous Low Row
  • Again Extension
  • Shut-Grip Biceps Pulldown
  • Preacher Curl Machine
  • Seated Dumbbell Biceps Curl
  • Cable Curl

Simply weeks faraway from securing a spot within the 2023 Mr. Olympia lineup, Grimes has momentum on his facet. Noticeably bulkier than in years previous, he should be diligent along with his weight-reduction plan and conditioning throughout contest prep. If he stays on the right track, although, Grimes definitely seems to be able to making everybody neglect about these Fifteenth-place finishes in 2020 and 2021.

Featured Picture: Regan Grimes / YouTube

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