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Some people are circumspect about home remedies, considering the huge amount of questionable literature that has flooded our media these past few years. It’s definitely understandable. But there is some truth to these natural cures, which have been discovered and documented by our ancestors long before medicine was ever invented.

Nowadays we are lucky enough to have science verify these claims and back them, or not. No more wondering whether the remedies you read about actually work or are complete bogus. We present to you today the 5 most effective home remedies which are really supported by scientific proof.

The Top 5 Home Remedies That Really Work, According to Science

There are more home remedies proven to work against a number of diseases and mild afflictions. For reasons of limited space, we selected here just 5 of them. You can continue reading on your own to discover other common substances with formidable health effects.

1. Fiber (Especially Flax) – the Natural Remedy against Constipation.

Fiber has been scientifically proven to work against constipation, no doubt about it. But there can be many types of fiber and we’re willing to bet that most people don’t really know what the fastest absorbing fiber is.

The humble flax is the winner in this would-be best fiber competition. This seed gets absorbed the easiest and offers lasting protection against constipation and other digestive tract anomalies.

2. Honey the Best Home Remedy for Cuts, Scrapes and Mild Burns

You may already know that applying honey on the skin is among the best beauty remedies you will find. But do you know what it is that makes honey such a nice treat for your skin? It’s the incredible anti-bacterial properties that help protect against infection, as well as speed up healing.

This makes honey a proven to be effective home remedy against all kinds of minor skin lesions and burns. No microbes will get into the wound, cut, or burn, and the injury will heal faster than ever.

3. White Vinegar the Fastest Way to Get Rid of Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is among the peskiest problems you can face. While not exactly a serious health threat, the nail fungus quickly becomes permanent if treated poorly. This usually means ugly looking nails and mild pain for the rest of one’s life.

The good news is that white vinegar has been proven to work wonders against all funguses, including the difficult to reach ones hidden beneath and inside nails. Not only will the vinegar clear away the fungi, but it will also harden your nails and leave them shiny and strong.

Just take a little foot bath or hand bath every day, after mixing a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar in it. Nail fungus will be gone within the next month as if it was never there.

4. Black Tea Bags: Proven Home Remedy against Sun Burns

A sun burn is a dangerous injury to get, especially for its long-term effects of increasing skin cancer risk. But the short-term impact of a serious sun burn is not to be ignored, either. Redness and swollen skin, intense dehydration, pustules, nausea etc. are but a few of the symptoms of a sun burn.

The only home remedy that really does wonders in such cases are black tea bags, already infused but still soaking with brewed tea. If you place them directly on the skin, accompanied by a cloth soaked in black tea, this is will significantly reduce the nasty effects and reverse the damage.

The amazing hydration properties of tea, together with the caffeine contained by black tea, are to thank for these miraculous anti sunburn properties.

5. Chicken Soup More Than Comfort Food, Actual Flu Remedy

Yup, it turns out our grandmothers were right. Chicken soup really is the best remedy when you?re stuck in bed with a flu or a cold. It’s not just good for the soul, as the sayings seem to agree on.

The scientists at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York have discovered that some compounds that form in the water in which chicken meat is boiled have amazing properties. They stop the over proliferation of white cells in your blood, allowing your immune system not to run on empty fuel. The effect is that a bowl of chicken soup is able to kick-start a self-defense immune protocol that significantly eases the symptoms of upper tract respiratory infections.

Do remember these 5 remedies we shared with you here, they may really come in handy one day. Also, don’t dismiss the entire field of home remedies just because many of them are inexact. Instead, do your homework and read up on the latest scientific literature and you will be surprised of how many home remedies that really work there are.

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