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The steady glucose monitor (CGM) is likely one of the best technological achievements within the historical past of diabetes care. It’s our sturdy opinion that each individual with diabetes — whether or not kind 1, kind 2, gestational diabetes, or a much less frequent type — can profit from utilizing a CGM.

Diabetes administration is, at its coronary heart, blood sugar administration. The central purpose of diabetes remedy is to carry blood glucose concentrations right down to more healthy, normal levels. And it’s extremely troublesome to handle your blood sugar effectively when you don’t know what your blood sugar degree is within the first place. The CGM affords folks with diabetes an unprecedented and unmatched alternative to know and perceive their blood sugar ranges.

The continual glucose monitor is an extremely highly effective software for encouraging wholesome dwelling. By giving fast suggestions on life-style selections, the CGM lets precisely how your weight loss program and train selections influence your diabetes administration.

The Downside with Previous-College Blood Sugar Monitoring

When you have diabetes, you know the way to make use of an old-school blood sugar monitor. You prick your finger with a lancet, squeeze a beneficiant drop of blood, and deposit it on the tip of a check strip (a “fingerstick”) that’s been inserted into an electrical monitor. It’s not a terrific course of for a variety of causes. Fingersticks:

  • Damage
  • Can’t be executed rapidly or inconspicuously
  • Don’t let you know in case your blood sugar goes up or down
  • Are surprisingly pricey (usually over 50 cents per strip)

It’s each cumbersome and painful, and unsurprisingly many individuals with diabetes keep away from utilizing fingersticks as a lot as doable.

Most of all, fingersticks give solely an incomplete view of your blood sugar responses. You would possibly take a measurement 90 minutes after consuming pasta, and study that your blood sugar is 210 mg/dL at that second. However you don’t know if it is going to proceed to rise, or if it’s truly within the means of crashing down. It’s a slightly informative however essentially incomplete view of your blood sugar response to the meal.

To actually perceive what’s taking place together with your blood sugar, you’d have to carry out fingersticks a dozen or extra instances per day. However few do. The American Diabetes Affiliation recommends that insulin customers “should check at least four times a day.” Sufferers who don’t want insulin test can test as not often as “once in a while.”

However folks with diabetes ought to know that virtually all the pieces we do has a blood sugar influence: each chunk of meals, each calorie burned, each missed tablet or injection. Blood sugar rises and falls all through the day based mostly on our habits and selections — elements which might be unattainable to research with out frequent blood sugar testing.

What’s a CGM?

A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is a small wearable machine that tracks your blood sugar ranges always whereas it’s related. A CGM doesn’t measure your blood sugar straight. As a substitute, it makes use of a particularly tiny electrode positioned underneath the pores and skin to measure the focus of glucose within the fluid underneath your pores and skin, known as interstitial fluid.

The CGM measures and information your blood sugar ranges repeatedly, even in a single day. A Bluetooth transmitter sends the information to a smartphone or a devoted receiver machine. In consequence, you find yourself with a whole bunch of measurements per day, all with no single drop of blood, providing an unmatched alternative to know precisely how your blood sugar behaves all day lengthy.

To place it merely, you merely must look at your smartphone to know what your blood sugar degree is, and the way a lot it’s gone up or down over the course of the day.

CGMs add different advantages past prompt blood sugar measurements:

  • CGMs observe your blood sugar in a single day
  • Pattern arrows level up or down, letting in case your blood sugar is rising or falling
  • Alarms warn you to excessive or low blood sugars that will require an intervention — for some, these alarms can be life-saving
  • Estimated A1C values
  • Time-in-range monitoring
  • Distant sharing choices enable family members to regulate your blood sugar
  • Information sharing lets your physician or diabetes educator have a whole view of your outcomes

Utilizing a CGM to Make Higher Way of life Choices

The genius of the CGM is that it offers you virtually prompt suggestions on how your actions have an effect on your blood sugar. For those who eat a cookie or go on a stroll, your CGM will present you a whole image of what occurs subsequent.

The thought is straightforward:

  1. Do one thing (eat popcorn, drink a beer, go for a stroll, do twenty sit-ups, weed the backyard, take a nap, and so on.)
  2. Take note of your CGM readings
  3. Repeat

This may be as rigorous or as informal as you need it to be. Some folks take notes on precisely what occurs. Others are content material with a imprecise concept of what causes their blood sugar to go up and down.

Both approach, the CGM principally lets you grow to be the worldwide knowledgeable by yourself physique. Every single day turns into a simple science experiment, permitting you to enhance your understanding of your metabolism and refine your blood sugar management. Possibly white rice reliably causes your blood sugar to spike into the stratosphere. Possibly darkish chocolate doesn’t. Possibly a 10-minute stroll after dinner counteracts the carbs in a baked potato.

For instance, many individuals with diabetes who use insulin have been taught that they need to have a bedtime snack to maintain their blood sugar from dropping in a single day. However what number of instances have you ever woken up in the course of the evening simply to take a fingerstick? With a CGM, you’ll be able to see how your blood sugar behaves in a single day, each evening, with ease.

Michael Hattori, who achieved kind 2 remission, credited a CGM with his success:

It allowed me to see how each single factor I did affected my blood sugar, and never solely throughout waking hours, but in addition whereas I used to be asleep. I stored a log of all the pieces I ate; the CGM helped me to see the way it affected my blood sugar, each instantly and over many hours. Are you able to think about how highly effective a software that’s for folks with diabetes? To see in actual time what impact meals has?

Having a lot CGM information at my fingertips 24 hours a day gave me the ability to make knowledgeable selections about precisely what and the way a lot to eat, to experiment with favourite meals, and to see, in actual time, the advantages of train … The CGM is the last word software to point out you simply how your habits impacts your blood sugar, all day lengthy.

Some folks with diabetes use their steady glucose screens in a particularly detailed style. Like Michael, they preserve meals and train diaries, writing down the entire outcomes to search out patterns. Others use the information to gamify diabetes administration — betting themselves that they will keep in vary after a meal.

Individuals who require intensive insulin management have an excellent larger alternative to learn from CGM knowledge. They may study, for instance, that they need to administer a bigger bolus for lunch if their CGM studying exhibits a development arrow pointing up. Or that they need to have greater than 15 grams of carbohydrates to right a hypo with two development arrows pointing down.

Stephen Ponder, MD, CDE, has spawned a whole group together with his “sugar surfing” strategies. Dr. Ponder recommends watching CGM readings very fastidiously earlier than, throughout, and after meals and probably utilizing a number of small doses of insulin to make fast changes.

However a much less fussy, extra informal method also can work. Thomas Grace, MD, medical director of Ohio’s Blanchard Valley Diabetes Middle, has launched into an experiment to explore just how well CGMs influence patient behavior. He has distributed CGMs to a whole bunch of adults in Ohio, and supplied solely the barest minimal of coaching on methods to use the gadgets. The early data means that it’s working — that sufferers are making adjustments to their life-style habits with out the steering of a healthcare supplier.

“The CGM takes the responsibility out of the hands of the physician and puts it into the hands of the patients,” says Grace. “And these patients are eager to take care of their diabetes when they have access to their glucose readings.”

Dr. Grace calls the CGM a “lifestyle modification tool” due to the way in which it conjures up folks to reevaluate their weight loss program and train selections.

“It helps people figure out what they should be doing with the disease of diabetes,” says Dr. Grace.

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