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What I Love About Withings’ Eyes-Closed Mode

I’ve had a sophisticated relationship with toilet scales since I used to be a young person. The quantity that flashes up as I step on has the facility to make me really feel like I’m successful at life or fully and totally shedding. After I heard that Withings was bringing out an eyes-closed mode on its good scales it was music to my ears.

I’ve struggled with weight fluctuation for many of my grownup life and often my weight achieve is accompanied by an prolonged interval of aggravating life circumstances. When I’m already feeling fed up, the very last thing I wish to see within the morning is a disappointing quantity informing me that I’ve placed on a kilo since yesterday or solely misplaced a pound regardless of exercising and consuming no carbs all week. The sensation is discouraging, to place it mildly. It looks like a kick within the abdomen when I’m already down, which often makes me wish to eat extra.

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