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Ascorbic acid modulates the construction of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence issue.


Entrance Microbiol. 2023 ;14:1166607. Epub 2023 Jul 13. PMID: 37520362

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Ascorbic acid modulates the construction of thevirulence issue pyocyanin and ascorbic acid-furanone-30 mixture facilitate biofilm disruption.


The manufacturing of pyocyanin byincreases its virulence, health and biofilm formation. Pyocyanin can also be a redox molecule and we hypothesize that ascorbic acid being an antioxidant will work together with pyocyanin. The principle goal of this research was to analyze the potential interplay of ascorbic acid with pyocyanin, and likewise to analyze the influence of ascorbic acid together with Furanone-30 on quorum sensing and biofilm formation of. When incubated with ascorbic acid, hyperchromic and hypsochromic shifts in pyocyanin absorbance peaks at 385 nm and 695 nm had been noticed. Within the presence of dehydroascorbic acid and citric acid, these shifts had been absent, indicating that the intrinsic antioxidant property of ascorbic acid was in all probability important in binding to pyocyanin. NMR spectroscopy confirmed shifts inH NMR pyocyanin peaks between 8.2 to five.8 ppm when incubated within the presence of ascorbic acid. Density Practical Principle (DFT) supported potential interactions between the -CHOH or -OH moieties of ascorbic acid with the -C=O moiety of pyocyanin. The pyocyanin-ascorbic acid complicated impaired pyocyanin binding to DNA. Ascorbic acid mixed with furanone-30 elevated quorum-sensing inhibition in, which was instantly related to considerably reducedvirulence, adhesion, aggregation and biofilm formation and enhanced antibiotic-mediated bacterial killing. This research demonstrated that the antioxidant ascorbic acid instantly binds to pyocyanin, modulates its construction and ends in disruption of biofilm formation and related tolerance to antibiotics.

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