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Barbie Can Be Something

Our particular problem “They the People” explores the continuing and escalating legislative and cultural assaults on LGBTQ+ communities, significantly trans individuals—together with children—and locations it in context of the bigger conservative motion to redefine who’s an individual on this nation.

Barbie’s slogan “You Can Be Anything” has gone to nice lengths to make individuals really feel accepted in who they’re. Given the cultural second, Barbie appeared like the proper storytelling medium for our editorial bundle.

She/They Barbie

Barbie the film, which crossed the $1 billion mark on the field workplace shut to 3 weeks after its theatrical launch, displays Barbie as an actual individual, together with the depth of their id via their pronoun expression. “They” is inclusive and pure!

Hey/They beach Ken

Ken is extra than simply seashore.

They/Them athlete Barbie

Conservatives have been weaponizing youth sports activities of their bad-faith assaults on trans children. This Barbie sums it up.

They/Them Ken

Barbie takes on what constructive masculinity may truly appear like. That is as near a visible illustration as we’ve bought to date.

They/Them Doctor Barbie

The assaults on trans well being care is a part of the bigger try and redefine who will get to be their full selves in society. Dr. Barbie hopes to drive that residence.

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