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Can I restore my broken pores and skin barrier? Half 2/2

Hello, I’m involved in laser resurfacing for solar injury and zits scars. Nevertheless, regardless of taking care of my pores and skin with moisturizer and SPF 50, my pores and skin could be very delicate on a regular basis. I’m assuming that I’ve someway completely broken my pores and skin barrier. If that’s the case, can folks with a broken pores and skin barrier nonetheless have CO2 or Erbium laser resurfacing? I understand {that a} pores and skin patch is taken beforehand, so if that’s okay does that imply that any danger is minuscule? Thanks for any recommendation.

So, Half II is on repairing your barrier layer in case you assume it’s been compromised. If you happen to assume you’ll have an allergy or sensitivity to elements in skincare merchandise, then you might want your dermatologist that can assist you outline these allergic reactions higher. Please do not forget that pores and skin ailments compromise the barrier. In case you have an undiagnosed or untreated pores and skin illness, the measure beneath are much less seemingly to assist.

Your pores and skin barrier is your outer useless layer (stratum corneum), and the dermis the place there are all kinds of lipids, cells and the pure gel between the cells which is partly hyaluronic acid. You need your dermis to draw and retain the pure water in it (transepidermal water loss or TEWL), and in addition the lipids. Numerous issues can “strip” the barrier quickly. It may take as much as 30 days to revive this layer after it’s been injured. Longer on the physique.

Most typical causes of decreased barrier operate now:

  • Too many skincare merchandise with too many irritating chemical compounds
  • An excessive amount of exfoliating or scrubbing
  • Laser or machine procedures with out good postcare and time to heal
  • Solar injury
  • Allergy symptoms/eczema

The significance of pores and skin relaxation and tips on how to do it:

  • Cease each single skincare product you’re utilizing.
  • Discover a bland cleanser and moisturizer your pores and skin can tolerate. Examples are CeraVe, Cetaphil, Aquaphor, and so forth. Natural is ok so long as it doesn’t have a protracted checklist of extracts and elements.
  • Discover a zinc oxide 10-20% sunscreen with no different chemical sunscreens in it and in a bland base. You might have to attempt a number of earlier than you resolve on one. Look on Amazon, your pharmacy, and so forth.
  • Use oral Vit C 500-1,000 mg a day, Vit D 1-2,000 iu a day, and be sure you’re getting at the least 30-50 grams of protein each day; extra in case you’re very energetic.
  • Do that for 2-4 weeks morning and evening with no dishonest! If you happen to’re undecided at 2 weeks, then go the complete 4 weeks.
  • In case you have zits, sustain any zits meds, however discuss to your physician about whether or not they might be irritating your pores and skin.
  • Keep hydrated.

Different methods to attempt to restore this layer:

  • See your dermatologist in case you’re not making progress or getting worse on this after a number of weeks. You might want “patch testing”.
  • Do a “use” take a look at. Do the pores and skin relaxation above after which…add your individual merchandise again separately every week aside to see in case you can establish one or two merchandise which are the offender.
  • If that doesn’t work, attempt once more with every week or two of pores and skin relaxation, then search for a product line with only a few chemical compounds in it like Goop maybe. If you happen to can tolerate that then you possibly can attempt branching out separately to merchandise which are simpler and have extra “actives” in them.
  • Sadly, at this time limit, lots of the natural merchandise aren’t very efficient and lots of the engineered science primarily based merchandise have too many chemical compounds in them. Sigh.


I Hope this Helps,

Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD
Founding father of SkinTour
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