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Fermented Pu-erh tea with an aqueous corn silk extract may inhibit HFD-stimulated irregular weight achieve and adipose tissue accumulation.


Vitamins. 2023 Aug 19 ;15(16). Epub 2023 Aug 19. PMID: 37630832

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Modulatory Results of Co-Fermented Pu-erh Tea with Aqueous Corn Silk Extract on Intestine Microbes and Fecal Metabolites in Mice Fed Excessive-Fats Eating regimen.


Pu-erh tea is acknowledged for its weight reduction results, however its potential affiliation with intestine microbiota and metabolites stays unclear. This analysis explored the alterations in intestine flora and metabolite composition upon remedy with a co-fermented Pu-erh tea with an aqueous corn silk extract (CPC) in overweight mice by using built-in 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequencing and untargeted metabolomics processes. For 8 weeks, mice have been fed management, high-fat, and high-fat diets which included a 46 mg/mL CPC extract. The CPC extract the alleviated high-fat food plan (HFD), it stimulated systemic persistent irritation, and it lowered the physique weight, each day power consumption, and adipose tissue weight of the mice. It additionally modified the intestine microbiota composition and modulated the,,,, and. Fecal metabolomics evaluation revealed that the CPC extract influenced the caffeine, cysteine, methionine, tryptophan, biotin metabolism pathways, major bile acid, and steroid biosynthesis. This analysis revealed that the CPC extract may inhibit HFD-stimulated irregular weight achieve and adipose tissue accumulation in mice, and modulate mice intestine microbiota composition and a number of metabolic pathways.

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