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Leaping From One Thought to One other – My Mind’s Not Damaged

One facet of psychological well being that I feel is fascinating is the concept of high-functioning psychological sickness. I’ve written posts about high-functioning anxiousness and high-functioning despair and though I’ve realized so much about each through the years, there’s nonetheless a lot to study. These days, I’ve thought so much about how my mind works after I’m experiencing high-functioning anxiousness – the best way I race to get issues executed, the strain I placed on myself to complete issues by the arbitrary (typically unrealistic) deadlines I’ve set. At the moment, I need to replicate on why it will probably generally be difficult to race from one factor to a different on a regular basis.

By now, I’m so used to the sentiments and sensations of hysteria that it’s simply one other a part of my day. Some days are worse than others, nevertheless it has change into a (reluctant) companion by most of my life. The longer I’ve lived with my anxiousness, the higher I’ve gotten to know the way it impacts me. And there’s nowhere I see this impression being higher than when I’m experiencing high-functioning anxiousness.

Oftentimes, I don’t even know I’m coping with high-functioning anxiousness till I’m already in it. My day will begin out innocuously sufficient; I’ve issues to get executed, and I attempt to get them executed in the best way that makes probably the most sense for me. Whether or not it’s for my job or outdoors of labor time, there are some days that merely really feel like one large guidelines. Typically I don’t suppose that is such a foul factor, however the best way I cope with this isn’t all the time wholesome or useful.

When my mind is in peak high-functioning mode, I’m leaping from one productive thought to a different. Typically these ideas are accompanied with duties, however not all the time. Since my mind typically works sooner than my physique, I’m planning issues and making an attempt to find time for issues that haven’t occurred but. I’m considering 5 steps forward, whereas forgetting the rapid step I have to to take. Rapidly and with out which means to, I really feel like I’m doing all the pieces and nothing at the very same time.

I don’t have an incredible metaphor to explain how shortly my mind flies from one thought to a different after I’m like this. I really feel like I’m carrying out a lot in my head, however that doesn’t all the time translate to what I’m doing. It’s nearly as if the quantity of duties I’ve to do overwhelm my mind to the purpose the place I merely do nothing as a substitute.

This sense I’ve, it doesn’t final lengthy. I like to consider it as a breaking level that I inevitably hit once in a while. I don’t all the time know my limits; after I attain them, generally I would like a reset. Whether or not it’s couple of minutes or perhaps a few moments, when I’ve sufficient time to take a breath and step again from myself, I can recuperate and transfer on. However emotions like this could sneak on all of us, and the way we react to these emotions is what can lead us down paths that both assist or damage us.

After a few years of leaping from one thought to a different, I’m much less afraid of feeling this fashion than I was. It’s merely part of me now, one other facet of who I’m. Slightly than reject it or attempt to ignore it (as I did for years), I’m going to attempt to perceive it. I’m going to attempt to study from it, and see if I can perceive myself extra within the course of. It may really feel scary to race from one thought to a different, not feeling like now we have any management over this. However we will management what we do about it, and that has made a world of distinction for me.

Have you ever ever skilled one thing like high-functioning anxiousness, or that your ideas have been leaping from one to a different sooner than you could possibly deal with them? What do you do if you’re experiencing one thing like that? Let me know within the feedback!

"You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you." -James Allen

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