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Morphogen Vitamin COGNIGEN Nootropic: The Good Morning Add-On

It’s no secret that the staff at Morphogen Nutrition has stepped their sport up tremendously up to now couple of years. Morphogen is among the trade’s rising stars, and that’s thanks largely to the visionary path of founder and CEO Ben Hartman, who’s been a visitor on The PricePlow Podcast not as soon as however twice:

Each formulation Morphogen touches turns to gold, which is why right now we’re stoked to speak about Morphogen’s newest nootropic entry:

The very first thing to notice about COGNIGEN Neuro-Accelerator’s formulation is that it’s just a little gentle on caffeine – simply 100 milligrams of extended-release. This implies you’ll be able to stack it along with your current morning espresso, and might nonetheless take a fats burner, pre-workout, or vitality drink in the identical timeframe.

As an alternative, caffeine’s cousin and fellow alkaloid theacrine is doing lots of the stimulant lifting… however you simply have to really feel the consequences of this nGin ginseng extract! General, COGNIGEN affords a considerably completely different stimulant expertise than the everyday nootropic formulation fare, and we’ll get into what makes theacrine particular.

With substances like RhodioPrime rhodiola, the aforementioned nGin ginseng, and tyrosine, this formulation closely emphasizes stress resistance, which makes excellent sense to us. Sometimes, folks attain for nootropic dietary supplements to assist them tolerate aggravating conditions, and the trade has actually picked up on this and responded with applicable ingredient choice.

With college beginning up once more, for example, college students might use a product like COGNIGEN to assist put together for exams, and even only a heavy every day workload.

However the actual headline is Morphogen’s use of D-serine, an amino acid that, regardless of enjoying a important function in wholesome cognition, is just not an ingredient we’ve seen used fairly often.

Let’s get into how this works, however first, examine the Morphogen PricePlow information and offers:

In a single 1-scoop serving (7.1 gram) of COGNIGEN from Morphogen, you get the next:

  • L-Tyrosine (HPLC) – 3,000 mg

    Morphogen Nutrition Cognigen Ingredients

    Tyrosine is a vital precursor to catecholamine neurotransmitters like dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline, that are important for sustaining focus, motivation, and vitality ranges.[1-3] Supporting the manufacturing of those neurotransmitters by way of tyrosine supplementation can assist cognitive perform throughout aggravating conditions.

    Army forces worldwide have investigated tyrosine’s potential to mitigate stress and improve wakefulness. Notably, research performed by the U.S. army have revealed that tyrosine surpasses caffeine in bettering alertness amongst sleep-deprived troopers.[4,5]

    Moreover, tyrosine serves as a precursor to thyroid hormones like triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). These hormones are important for regulating metabolism, and the physique requires an ample provide of tyrosine to supply them successfully.[6,7] Contemplating that many PricePlow readers are bodily lively and health-conscious, it’s vital to notice that intense train and caloric restriction can have a detrimental impression on thyroid perform.[8-10] Due to this fact, incorporating a small quantity of tyrosine supplementation into your routine can doubtlessly assist preserve hormonal stability and assist general well being in such eventualities.

  • D-Serine (HPLC) – (1,000 mg)

    Serine is an amino acid that performs a key function in activation of the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR).

    The NMDAR is ample within the mind’s frontal cortex,[11] the place it performs an vital function in facilitating government perform (EF). As a way to allow EF, the NMDAR should be activated by the presence of glutamate in addition to one of many two NMDAR co-activators, that are serine and the amino acid glycine.[12]

    As blood ranges of glycine and serine decline with age,[13] so too does EF.[14] Of all cognitive talents, EF impairment is most strongly correlated with mortality and purposeful decline.[15] Which means sustaining EF is a logical technique for preserving growing old populations’ potential to perform. It additionally signifies that previous a sure age, most, if not all of us, may gain advantage from serine supplementation.

    D-Serine Groton Maze Learning Test Results

    Older adults made considerably fewer errors on the Groton Maze Studying Take a look at, (GMLT), a computerized check of government perform.[16]

    One randomized, double-blind, crossover examine from 2016 discovered {that a} single 30-mg/kg dose of D-serine was related to vital enhancements in government perform, spatial reminiscence, studying, and downside fixing in adults aged 65 and older.[16] After all, the dose utilized in COGNIGEN isn’t that prime. Until you weigh 33 kilograms (72 kilos), you’ll get lower than 30 mg/kg per serving. Nevertheless, we don’t see any motive for not double-scooping COGNIGEN. So, in the event you actually wish to get shut to the scientific dose, you can try this.

    It seems that not simply older adults can profit from D-serine supplementation. A randomized, double-blind, crossover examine from 2015 discovered that after a single dose of D-serine, women and men aged 23-29 confirmed small however vital enhancements in :[17]

    • Anxiousness
    • Consideration
    • Working reminiscence
    • Properly-being

    Single vs. long-term doses

    The 2015 examine talked about above used a 2.1-gram dose, which is about twice as a lot as the quantity in a single serving of COGNIGEN. Nevertheless, the examine authors level out that the single-dose paradigm utilized in each research is definitely a limitation.[17] We haven’t seen any long-term human research on D-serine but, however there’s good motive to that taking 1,000 mg/day for a number of days is definitely higher than taking 2.1 grams or 30 mg/kg as soon as.

    Morphogen Nutrition Cognigen

    Serine-ketamine connection

    You’ve most likely heard about how ketamine is the brand new breakthrough remedy for despair.[18] Now, since serine is an NMDAR agonist and ketamine is an NMDAR antagonist, you would possibly assume they’d have reverse results. Imagine it or not, high-dose D-serine has been proven in animal fashions to have an identical results because the low-dose ketamine utilized in despair remedy.[19]

    The essential motive for that is that serine and ketamine each have biphasic results. Regardless that ketamine is an NMDAR antagonist, administering ketamine in low doses could cause an adaptive upregulation of the NDMAR. Equally, high-dose serine could cause an adaptive downregulation of the NMDAR.[19]

    In different phrases, there appears to be an overlap between the biphasic dosing schedules of D-serine and ketamine, which implies they’ll have qualitatively comparable results on mind chemistry and, therefore, temper.

  • RhodioPrime 6 Rhodiola extract (Rhodiola crenulata) (root) (std. min. 6% salidrosides) – 300 mg

    There are species of Rhodiola generally used for complement formulation: Rhodiola rosea and Rhodiola crenulata. Whereas intently associated, these two vegetation differ in a single vital means.

    Rhodiola rosea’s major bioactive constituents are rosavins, whereas crenulata comprises extra salidrosides. Though rosea is extra generally used than crenulata, there may be compelling proof suggesting that salidroside could exhibit superior efficacy in particular features of Rhodiola’s effectiveness.[20,21]

    Therefore, based mostly on the prevailing analysis literature, it’s advisable to take Rhodiola extracts derived from the crenulata plant on account of its considerably greater salidroside focus.[22,23]

    That is why Morphogen opts for NNB Vitamin’s trademarked RhodioPrime extract, sourced from crenulata. RhodoPrime is essentially the most potent extract available on the market with a formidable 6% salidroside standardization, whereas most commercially obtainable extracts usually comprise round 1% salidroside.

    NNB Nutrition RhodioPrime

    At 6% salidroside, NNB Vitamin’s RhodioPrime is one of the best ways to really feel the critical energy of this excellent herb!

    Salidroside: Mechanisms of Motion

    In line with the analysis literature, salidroside’s mechanisms of motion embody the next:

    1. Elevated long-term potentiation (LTP) within the hippocampus[23]
    2. Enhanced autophagy by way of the mTOR pathway[24]
    3. Improved oxygen utilization by way of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 (HIF-1)[25]
    4. Upregulation of neurotransmitters, corresponding to dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, histamine, and serotonin[26]
    5. Inhibition of the monoamine oxidase (MOA) enzyme chargeable for neurotransmitter breakdown[27]
    6. Upregulation of neuropeptide Y[24]

    Thanks to those results, a Rhodiola extract wealthy in salidroside is a robust adaptogenic substance, able to successfully lowering general stress ranges.

    Salidroside advantages

    The constructive outcomes related to salidrosides embrace:

    • Enhanced cognition[28]
    • Decreased stress and nervousness ranges[29]
    • Improved temper[29]
    • Alleviated signs of despair[30]

    Moreover, Rhodiola has demonstrated its potential to fight each bodily and psychological fatigue,[31,32] improve athletic efficiency,[33] regulate urge for food,[34] and enhance glucose metabolism.[35]

  • Theacrine (as TeaCrine 40%) – 250 mg


    Get lengthy lasting vitality and enhanced efficiency with TeaCrine!

    Theacrine is a compound intently associated to caffeine,[36] famend for its potent stimulant properties. Like caffeine, theacrine is an alkaloid and happens naturally in Camellia kucha, a conventional Chinese language tea higher referred to as kucha.[37]

    Like caffeine, theacrine helps improve psychological and bodily vitality by blocking the motion of adenosine receptors[38] and inhibiting phosphodiesterase.[39]

    It additionally upregulates dopamine,[40] a neurotransmitter that’s completely essential for focus, motivation, and psychological vitality.

    One animal examine discovered that theacrine use over time doesn’t produce drug tolerance.[40] If replicated in people, this could imply that repeated theacrine administration constantly provides the identical results as the primary dose, irrespective of what number of instances you’re taking it!

    One examine discovered that theacrine can improve time to exhaustion at 85% VO2max by 27-38%[41] – whereas not strictly talking a nootropic impact, we expect that is nonetheless price mentioning as a result of it’s a enormous impact dimension and elevated train tolerance is unquestionably useful in the event you use train to handle stress and enhance cognition.

    Lastly, since most of us take nootropic dietary supplements to cope with aggravating conditions, it’s attention-grabbing to notice that an animal examine discovered theacrine administration can forestall stress-induced liver harm.[37]

  • Velvet Bean extract (Mucuna pruriens) (seed) (std. min. 98% L-DOPA) – 250 mg

    Morphogen Nutrition Cognigen

    Mucuna pruriens, generally referred to as velvet bean, is wealthy in highly effective antioxidants and is thought for its potential to upregulate dopamine.[42] Extracts of Mucuna are usually standardized for an amino acid known as L-DOPA,[43] which is a direct precursor to dopamine.[44]

    Past its dopamine-boosting properties, L-DOPA (often known as levodopa) is a formidable anti-stress compound with a documented potential to cut back cortisol ranges.[45-47] This high quality makes L-DOPA a wonderful complement to stimulants like theacrine (which can also be in Morphogen COGNIGEN), as it may possibly take the sting off of stimulant results.

    Lowering cortisol ranges is mostly a very good factor for anybody below psychological or bodily duress, as cortisol rises throughout stress[48] and might result in a decline in testosterone ranges.[49,50]

    Concerning muscle development, each Mucuna and L-DOPA have demonstrated the power to stimulate the physique’s manufacturing of development hormone (GH),[51-53] one other essential hormone for selling anabolic processes. Once more, stress can promote catabolic processes,[54] so serving to assist muscle preservation and development must be thought of an vital anti-stress impact.

    Moreover, L-DOPA can help in regulating prolactin ranges,[55] a useful function for a pre-workout formulation as prolactin ranges additionally are inclined to rise throughout stress.[56]

  • Caffeine (as zum XR prolonged Launch Caffeine) – 100 mg

    Caffeine, a methylxanthine stimulant, ranks as some of the extensively researched substances in existence. It possesses a uncommon however vital attribute amongst dietary dietary supplements – particularly, its potential to cross the blood-brain barrier (BBB).

    Within the mind, caffeine works by blocking adenosine receptors. Adenosine, a nucleotide, induces emotions of fatigue because it accumulates. Consequently, inhibiting its motion on the receptor stage, by way of caffeine supplementation, is an efficient technique for combating fatigue.[57]

    Caffeine additionally inhibits phosphodiesterase, an enzyme chargeable for degrading cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP).[57] By elevating cAMP ranges by way of phosphodiesterase inhibition, caffeine has the capability to boost mobile exercise, an impact that applies to neurons as a lot as another cell within the physique.[58,59]

    zumXR Caffeine

    Caffeine not solely protects dopaminergic neurons in opposition to potential hurt (one motive for its affiliation with a lowered danger of Parkinson’s), but additionally enhances dopaminergic signaling in wholesome people.[60,61] This enhancement contributes to heightened focus and motivation.

    Analysis on caffeine demonstrates its potential to:

    1. Scale back response instances[62]
    2. Improve consideration[62,63]
    3. Heighten alertness[63]
    4. Maintain bodily and cognitive capabilities in aggravating conditions[63]
    5. Enhance working reminiscence[64]

    Advantages of zum XR prolonged launch caffeine

    MorphoGen opted for a time-released or extended-release type of caffeine known as zum XR. As a result of it’s absorbed into the bloodstream extra steadily than unusual caffeine anhydrous, zum XR can clean out your caffeine vitality curve, serving to you keep away from fast vitality will increase or fast vitality crashes.

  • nGin Ginseng extract (Panax ginseng) (complete plant) (std. min. 80% ginsenosides) – 100 mg

    Ginseng, scientifically referred to as Panax ginseng, possesses well-documented capabilities to combat fatigue and alleviate signs related to stress-related despair and nervousness.[65]

    Morphogen Nutrition Cognigen Full Label

    One among ginseng’s most intriguing advantages lies in its potential to cut back apoptosis, which is the programmed cell dying that happens during times of intense stress.[66] This mechanism is believed to be achieved by way of ginseng’s attenuation of the physique’s inflammatory response to emphasize, and is facilitated by the potent ginsenoside antioxidant phytochemicals current in ginseng.[65]

    Concerning its nootropic results, ginseng has been proven to enhance numerous features of cognition, together with response instances, working reminiscence, arithmetic expertise, and cognitive flexibility.[67-69]

    Researchers have additionally recognized ginseng’s “glucoregulatory” properties, indicating its capability to keep up wholesome glucose metabolism below aggravating situations. That is yet one more means ginseng can assist forestall or cut back the decline in cognitive efficiency related to stress.[70]

  • Morphogen Nutrition Alphagen V2

    Stack Cognigen with the brand new Alphagen for an final cognitive pre-workout combine!

    As you’ll be able to see, Morphogen Vitamin COGNIGEN is an superior formulation to make use of in the event you’re below lots of stress. We particularly respect the truth that Morphogen opted for RhodioPrime. Rhodiola crenulata seems to be merely higher than Rhodiola rosea, and we’re hoping the trade as an entire follows Morphogen’s lead in recognizing that rosea extracts are out of date.

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