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Nepal Strolling Tour by way of Agricultural Communities

Think about an idyllic setting 100 years in the past in conventional farmlands. There are not any tractors, no Monsanto, no combines, no company farming or no John Deere. Simply the land, the individuals, goats, water buffalo and easy farming instruments: hoes, scythes, plows, sickles, and many others. Welcome to Nepal. For 8 weeks within the spring of 2018, I volunteered for Acupuncture Relief Project (ARP) within the farming village, Bajra Barahi. From my rural Nepal strolling excursions, I stepped into a way of life of easier occasions, earlier than our world knew know-how.

An genuine approach to expertise Nepal is thru the farming villages and folks. Agriculture is without doubt one of the largest contributions to this nation’s economic system. As an Acupuncturist doing voluntourism in rural Nepal, I immersed myself within the coronary heart of this distinctive farming tradition. I went on many walkabouts by way of the labyrinthine, terraced fields to expertise this agricultural nirvana.

“Nepal is there to change you, not for you to change it. Lose yourself in its essence. Make your footprints with care and awareness of the precarious balance around you. Take souvenirs in your mind and spirit, not in your pockets. Nepal is not only a place on the map but an experience, a way of life from which we all can learn.”


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About Makawanpur District in Nepal

Landlocked Nepal is a geological masterpiece divided into 3 major areas. The areas climb in elevation as you go north: the southern terai, a lowland tropical space is adjoining to India; Pahad-mountain area or center hills doesn’t get snow; and the Himal-the northern mountain area bordering Tibet is house to eight of the world’s tallest mountains.

Acupuncture Relief Project is within the center hills’ area or Pahad. It’s primarily populated in river and stream bottoms which are good for agriculture. This area is one of the best place to expertise village life, because it’s probably the most conventional. Our village within the Makawanpur District is a 3-hour drive south of Kathmandu.

Potato Fields Nepal
Nepal Strolling Tour by way of Potato Fields

The agricultural landscapes within the “middle hills” of Nepal are lush and breathtaking, particularly within the spring and summer season when crops are flourishing. All yr around the farmers rotate seasonal crops, corresponding to, potatoes, cauliflower, wheat, mustard, rice, cabbage and chili. It’s principally terraced alongside mountainsides, making use of all area from this rugged terrain.

A Trademark of Nepal, the “Doko”

One of many logos of rural Nepal is the Doko, a carrying basket created from sturdy bamboo. It’s hand-woven in a v-shape, permitting the common particular person to hold 20-50 kg on their again. The shoulder straps and head straps are referred to as “namlo,” taking a part of the load off the shoulders. Dokos are used to hold grains, items, greens, compost, and many others. It’s frequent to see males, girls and youngsters carrying doko’s on their again with the namlo straps on heads and shoulders, all through the villages and fields in rural Nepal.


Now envision, a 73-year outdated lady with flip-flops, carrying 30 kg of potatoes in a doko on her again, climbing up steep terraces on rocks and filth. Or think about a 60-year outdated man barefoot within the filth, alone, hoeing a turf of land that is part of a complete mountainside of terraced crops.

Whenever you spend time right here, this western anomaly turns into a stereotypical actuality in rural Nepal. Arriving in March through the planting season for potatoes and cauliflower, I witnessed many aged girls, trying to be of their 70’s, carrying dokos filled with compost taller than their very own top, strolling up and down steep hills. In awe, I even noticed an aged girls strolling with a Doko on her again filled with BRICKS!

Farming is a Household Affair

In Nepal, everybody does the farming: elders, males, girls and youngsters. What I discovered from my elder sufferers is that lots of the younger individuals have moved into Kathmandu to work. Subsequently, this leaves the farming labor for his or her dad and mom and grandparents. They have no idea any in another way than to maintain farming. I noticed that extra girls than males work within the fields. It’s because males depart the world (generally to work for larger wages, leaving the ladies at house to handle the housekeeping and farming.


My Nepal Strolling Tour in Agricultural Communities

Their trodden paths are simply as outstanding as the hundreds they carry. I took many walks and even acquired misplaced at occasions, going up, down and round steep passages, wandering by way of slim terraced edges, upon stone paths and bridges and irrigation partitions by way of the labyrinthine, lush fields. Our first week, one other ARP volunteer, Alisha, and I acquired misplaced within the fields and had been making an attempt to navigate ourselves by way of the impediment course. It was a sufficiently big problem to maintain from spraining an ankle, as we tramped by way of mud, rocks, timber and branches that we grabbed for help.

We neither one knew Nepali language, assembly farmers alongside the best way. They appeared amused, greeting us, “Namaste”, then utilizing gestures and pointing for recommendation on instructions with a mischievous grin. Aother day, we explored the fields with a Hindu temple within the valley, surrounded by mountainsides of cauliflower and potato crops. The Hindu music blasted loudly from the temple all through the terraced fields! This supplied an amphitheater of this vibrant music for the employees to listen to. It was a enjoyable, upbeat stroll with everybody being energized mutually by the identical music.

My walks helped me to grasp my sufferers higher.


It was significant for me to immerse myself in the neighborhood and surrounding terraced farmlands. These walks allowed me to satisfy the individuals and see how laborious they work. This fashion I might relate and perceive higher my sufferers and their orthopedic points. It’s apparent why so lots of them have again and knee issues, sprained ankles and falls. One among my feminine sufferers amusingly advised me how she not too long ago fell. Whereas strolling along with her doko filled with goat shit (compost), she toppled over face down. She nonetheless managed to stroll a pair miles into city for her acupuncture therapies. And, after all, she continues to be working.

This I heard many occasions from my sufferers, that they proceed to work, even with ache and accidents as a result of they are saying nobody else can do it. With the development for the younger individuals shifting to town or international international locations, this technology could also be a number of the final to uphold this farming and cultural custom. It has been such an honor to volunteer and serve the normal and strong Nepali farmers. Nonetheless, I proceed to be involved about them receiving the help wanted for work and healthcare.

Nepal Strolling Tour in Agricultural Communities

Throughout my walks, I normally would cross paths with my sufferers working within the fields. One among my favourite sufferers (in left picture), I might steadily see strolling her water buffalos to graze.

Generally, the buffalos had been on slim passages blocking my path, and she or he would graciously information them off the path so I might cross. She was all the time glad to see me and introduced me floor apples and spinach to the clinic.


I so loved interacting with my sufferers within the fields – Voluntourism in Rural Nepal Agriculture Group

One time I met considered one of my male sufferers hoeing within the discipline with 2 girls, alongside one other man plowing the old school means: guiding cows to tug the guide plow by way of the fertile filth. It was so inspiring to see these homegrown farmers, so intimately related to the land. All of them had been smiling and genuinely appeared comfortable to be working collectively, cultivating their valuable land.

Whereas strolling within the fields, sufferers invited me in for dinner a pair occasions, however I graciously declined because it was essential for me to get again to the ARP web site earlier than darkish. Nearly each walkabout, somebody would ask in English, The place you from? I might say America and that I labored at native Acupuncture Clinic. I all the time acquired a welcoming, optimistic response about working of their neighborhood clinic, realizing the robust native help and appreciation for the ARP Clinic in Bajra Barahi. By voluntourism in Nepal’s Agriculture neighborhood, I felt embraced by these heat and pleasant individuals.

Pied Piper Impact with the Kids in Voluntourism in Rural Nepal

I quickly realized that foreigners have a Pied Piper Impact on the Nepali kids and stray canines when strolling in regards to the fields and villages. Each stroll I picked up both kids or canines to observe me and be a part of me on my walkabouts. It’s a surprise that I didn’t deliver house considered one of these darling Nepali children or puppies. The youngsters would normally collect and giggle, shouting, “Namaste, where you going?”

I found that almost all Nepalese individuals love having their photographs taken, together with the youngsters. Usually, I might linger with the youngsters, trying to speak by way of the language limitations and take photographs. If all we skilled had been giggles, “Namaste” and a photograph, that was sufficient for my coronary heart to sing.

Nepali kids are subjected to a extra rugged way of life


These kids are completely different from ones in western cultures, as a result of they aren’t coddled and overprotected. I seek advice from them endearingly as “wild childs.” Their clothes nearly all the time by no means matches they usually’re normally sporting filth, a snotty nostril or wild hair.

As soon as, I even noticed a toddler taking part in with a sickle, a half-moon formed blade for reducing grass. Are you able to think about any of this within the suburbs of the U.S.? These children are robust and crying doesn’t get them anyplace. Usually, the mom will carry the newborn on her again whereas working within the fields.

One time I discovered a silent little lady about 3 years outdated, alone, within the cauliflower discipline. She simply curiously stared at me, whereas I tried to evoke a response with ‘Namaste’. Moments later, I noticed this 3-year outdated strolling down the trail, nonchalantly, main her mom previous 2 water buffaloes, only a hairbreadth away. I timidly adopted her, considering, if this youngster can stroll subsequent to those beasts, so can I.

Nepal Strolling Tour – Canines alongside the best way.

Most canines in are feral in Nepal Strolling Tour

In rural Nepal, there are a whole lot of stray canines which are territorial and might behave extra violently then the domesticated ones in developed nations. One time as I used to be strolling the highway out of city, a pair canines approached me growling. It was scary sufficient for me to show round and stroll the opposite means. I observed one other golden, short-haired canine silently start to observe me. At first, I used to be a bit scared, however started to comprehend his sort intentions. I began to really feel like this canine was taking care of me to maintain me secure. (No, I didn’t have meals in my pack.) He intently adopted me for over an hour, down into the valley and even sat with me on a hilltop for some silent, contemplation. Then, he adopted me all the best way again to my door on the ARP web site.

I name this canine “Yoda” as a result of he’s sensible; and in my picture, his ears are flattened on his sides like Yoda. Paradoxically, I had taken this picture per week earlier than he adopted me, whereas he sat on the sting of a steep financial institution overlooking the gorgeous, lush valley with a big, scrumptious bone all to himself. I observed straight away this canine’s candy power and took his picture. Little did I do know, Yoda would quickly be my guardian angel throughout a walkabout.


Voluntourism in Rural Nepal Communities

My walks by way of the fields and villages within the Makawanpur district of Nepal grew to become ritual journeys throughout my time dwelling there. By Voluntourism in Nepal’s Agriculture Group, I instantly skilled the essence of this tradition. The concord of the plush landscapes and vibrant tradition, together with the Nepali individuals’s rooted connection to nature, created particular reminiscences for me that may reside on in my coronary heart endlessly. I mirror on the life and tradition of Nepalese, “subsistence farmers”; and the way within the west, these individuals can be thought of impoverished and underprivileged. Hmmm, perhaps the world has acquired all of it backwards?

Voluntourism in Rural Nepal

General, Nepal Strolling Tour

These individuals reside amongst cohesive communities and households (with minimal crime or divorces), panoramic views, clear air with a deep connection to land and their meals supply, consuming easy diets of rice, greens, rooster or buffalo meat and tea. Sure, they work laborious, however in addition they haven’t any want for the fitness center. How many individuals within the western cultures of their 60’s or 70’s may even stroll up a really steep mountainside, not to mention with a doko filled with potatoes on their again? Who actually is impoverished right here?

Nonetheless, the one factor these individuals do lack is correct healthcare, and I’m so grateful to have been part of the answer by way of ARP to fill this void for these superb individuals and tradition. Namaste Nepal, I really like you and promise to return!

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