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Potential advantages of microalgae consumption towards metabolic ailments.


Nutr Rev. 2023 Aug 29. Epub 2023 Aug 29. PMID: 37643736

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Potential advantages of microalgae consumption towards metabolic ailments: past spirulina-a systematic evaluate of animal research.


CONTEXT: Microalgae are a various supply of bioactive molecules, reminiscent of polyphenols, carotenoids, and omega-3 fatty acids, with helpful properties in biomarkers of metabolic ailments. Not like the remainder of the microalgae genera, Arthrospira sp., generally referred to as spirulina, has been extensively studied.OBJECTIVE: This evaluate goals to explain the present information about microalgae, moreover spirulina, specializing in their helpful properties towards metabolic ailments.DATA SOURCES: A scientific analysis of MEDLINE (through PubMed), Cochrane, and Scopus databases was performed to determine related research revealed after January 2012. In vivo animal research together with microalgae consumption, apart from spirulina, that considerably improved altered biomarkers associated to metabolic ailments had been included. These biomarkers included physique weight/composition, glucose metabolism, lipid metabolism, oxidative injury, irritation markers, and intestine microbiota.DATA EXTRACTION: After the literature search and the implementation of inclusion and exclusion standards, 37 research had been included within the revision out of the 132 outcomes initially obtained after the applying of the equation on the completely different databases.DATA ANALYSIS: Information containing 15 microalgae genera had been included reporting on a variety of helpful outcomes at completely different ranges, together with a lower in physique weight and modifications in plasma ranges of glucose and lipoproteins on account of molecular alterations reminiscent of these associated to gene expression regulation. Probably the most reported helpful results had been associated to intestine microbiota and irritation adopted by lipid and glucose metabolism and physique weight/composition.CONCLUSIONS: Microalgae consumption improved completely different altered biomarkers on account of metabolic ailments and appear to have potential within the design of enriched foodstuffs or novel nutraceuticals. However, to advance to scientific trials, extra thorough/detailed research must be carried out on a number of the microalgae genera included on this evaluate to gather extra data on their molecular mechanisms of motion.

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