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selenium is protecting impact towards 2100 MHz EMF publicity.


Electromagn Biol Med. 2023 Jul 3 ;42(3):123-132. Epub 2023 Aug 28. PMID: 37638990

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Assessing the impact of selenium on cyclin D1 stage and nuclear issue kappa b exercise in NIH/3T3 fibroblast cells at 2100 MHz electromagnetic discipline publicity.


Though there are quite a few research on the well being impacts of electromagnetic discipline (EMF) of cell phone operation frequency 2100 MHz, the revealed works current contradicting outcomes. Lengthy-term publicity to cell phone frequencies has unclear well being hazards. Subsequently, it is very important examine the molecular mechanism of doable organic results in cell phone publicity and to find out the corresponding organic markers. In direction of this finish, this research was designed to evaluate the impact of 200 nM selenium (Se) on cell viability% [trypan blue]cell cycle biomarker [cyclin D1] and the transcription issue [nuclear factor kappa b (NF-κB)] in NIH/3T3 fibroblast cells when uncovered to 2100 MHz cell phone frequency. When 2100 MHz EMF was uncovered to NIH/3T3 fibroblast cells, the cell viability% was diminished, whereas cyclin D1 stage and NF-kB exercise elevated. Additionally we present that Se supplementation decreases the results of 2100 MHz EMF on these parameters. Though future research shall be required to research the organic results of EMF emitted by cellphones, the outcomes obtained right here present an perception into the molecular mechanisms and particularly underlying selenium’s protecting impact towards 2100 MHz EMF publicity.

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