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Brief-term beetroot juice supplementation improves muscle pace.


Nitric Oxide. 2023 Sep 1 ;138-139:34-41. Epub 2023 Might 25. PMID: 37244392

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Brief-term beetroot juice supplementation improves muscle pace and energy however doesn’t scale back blood strain or oxidative stress in 65-79 y previous women and men.


We’ve got beforehand demonstrated that acute ingestion of inorganic nitrate (NO)-rich beetroot juice (BRJ), a supply of nitric oxide (NO) by way of the NO→nitrite (NO)→NO pathway, can enhance muscle pace and energy in older people. It isn’t recognized, nonetheless, whether or not this impact is maintained or maybe even enhanced with repeated ingestion, or if tolerance develops as with natural nitrates, e.g., nitroglycerin. Utilizing a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover design, we subsequently studied 16 community-dwelling older (age 71 ± 5 y) people after each acute and short-term (i.e., every day for two wk) BRJ supplementation. Blood samples had been drawn and blood strain was measured periodically throughout every∼3 h experiment, with muscle perform decided utilizing isokinetic dynamometry. Acute ingestion of BRJ containing 18.2 ± 6.2 mmol of NOincreased plasma NOand NOconcentrations 23 ± 11 and a couple of.7 ± 2.1-fold over placebo, respectively. This was accompanied by 5 ± 11% and seven ± 13% will increase in maximal knee extensor pace (Vmax) and energy (Pmax), respectively. After every day supplementation for two wk, BRJ ingestion elevated NOand NOlevels 24 ± 12 and three.3 ± 4.0-fold, respectively, whereas Vmax and Pmax had been 7 ± 9% and 9 ± 11% greater than baseline. No modifications had been noticed in blood strain or in plasma markers of oxidative stress with both acute or short-term NOsupplementation. We conclude that each acute and short-term dietary NOsupplementation lead to comparable enhancements in muscle perform in older people. The magnitudes of those enhancements are enough to offset the decline ensuing from a decade or extra of getting older and are subsequently prone to be clinically important.

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