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Therapeutic potential of ascorbic acid within the administration of Alzheimer’s illness.


Curr Pharm Biotechnol. 2023 Aug 4. Epub 2023 Aug 4. PMID: 37537932

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Therapeutic Potential of Ascorbic Acid within the Administration of Alzheimer’s Illness: An Replace.


BACKGROUND: Ascorbic acid is a potent pure antioxidant that protects in opposition to oxidative stress and performs varied bodily capabilities. It’s generally present in fruit and veggies.OBJECTIVE: The manuscript has been written to offer priceless insights into ascorbic acid in managing Alzheimer’s illness.METHODS: The info has been gathered from internet sources, together with PubMed, Science Direct, Publons, Net of Science, and Scopus from 2000-2022 utilizing AA, ascorbic acid, Alzheimer’s ailments, reminiscence, dementia, and antioxidant Key phrases.RESULTS: Within the current manuscript, we’ve got summarized the influence of ascorbic acid and its doable mechanism in Alzheimer’s illness by, outlining the knowledge presently out there on the behavioral and biochemical results of ascorbic acid in animal fashions of Alzheimer’s illness in addition to its utilization as a therapeutic agent to decelerate the development of Alzheimer illness in human beings. Oxidative stress performs a major position within the development of AD. AA is a wellknown antioxidant that primarily reduces oxidative stress and produces protein aggregates, which can assist lower cognitive deficits in Alzheimer’s illness. The present paper analyses of ascorbic acid revealed that deficiency of ascorbic acid adversely impacts the central nervous system and results in cognitive defects. Nonetheless, the outcomes of scientific research are conflicting, however a few of the research instructed that supplementation of ascorbic acid improved cognitive deficits and decreased illness development.CONCLUSION: Primarily based on scientific and preclinical research, it’s noticed that ascorbic acid supplementation improves cognitive deficits and protects the neurons from oxidative stress harm.

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